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Airtube 50

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Marque: Caligri
Modèle: AIRTUBE50
Code article: AIRTUBE50

Discover a new way of softing your LED tube lights. The AIRTUBE increases the light aputure of your light fixture. After it is simply attached in front of one or more tubes just inflate it. Benefit from all the features of your LED tubes, such as battery operation, color selection, effects and pixel control. When using a long AIRTUBE, it is possible to connect several short LED tubes simply one after the other to the AIRTUBE.
Perfect for generating extremely long, uninterrupted reflections for product film shoots or photo shoots. In addition, the AIRTUBE offers mounting options for other accessories; skirts, spill light covers and eggcrates (coming soon). We rely on high quality and proven materials, such as the motion picture technical fabrics Magic Cloth® and Ultrabounce® from TRP worldwide. With every AIRTUBE free of charge incl.: skirts and spill light cover

The skirt as well as the spill light cover are made of black opaque fabric, which absorbs 99% of the light. The skirt consists of two parts to cover either one side of the AIRTUBE or both sides. Velcroed together, they enclose the entire AIRTUBE. The spill light cover also consist of two parts and facilitate flexible attachment to possible mounts and access to menus and connectors. Both the spill light cover and the skirts can be easily joined together by velcro and are attached to the AIRTUBE's fleece band by velcro.

Our AIRTUBE is "Made in Germany".

This AIRTUBE is particularly suitable for use with the Astera Helios, as well as all LED tubes with an aperture lenght of ~0.5m / 1.64ft.

Length AIRTUBE: ~0.6m / 1.96ft
Lenght aperture: ~0.5m / 1.64ft
Diameter AIRTUBE: ~19cm / 7.5"

every led tube light with an aperture of 50cm
Astera Helios

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